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(I constructed the bulk of this post between two and four in the morning while lying next to my sleeping daughter. I had got her up at about one to give her pain relief for the severe pain in her … Continue reading

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I have always thought of myself as a pretty placid person. If I look back over my life I can hardly think of a single time when I’ve shouted at or hit anyone – certainly not since I was a … Continue reading

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Mulder or Scully?

This morning Tilly made a noise that Susie immediately decided was the word ‘ball’. I was sceptical. I didn’t consider that we could decide anything conclusive about the utterance based on a sample size of one. In my mind, I … Continue reading

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When we got back from Bali last week and went through customs, we declared a couple of sets of wooden beads and five packs of sultanas, all of which we were allowed to keep. What we didn’t realise at the … Continue reading

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