Mulder or Scully?

This morning Tilly made a noise that Susie immediately decided was the word ‘ball’. I was sceptical. I didn’t consider that we could decide anything conclusive about the utterance based on a sample size of one. In my mind, I quickly began to construct a series of tests (based loosely on those used to identify a new manifestation of the Dalai Lama) that would prove one way or the other whether this sound really was a signifier for what we would call a ‘ball’, or not.

Somehow Susie and I have developed a Mulder and Scully (who?) type of relationship around Tilly’s development. She is quicker to believe, quicker to assign significance to new sounds and gestures. For some reason, I tend to need more ‘data’. It’s instinctual, and somewhat unnerving, that need to say ‘maybe’ when there is so much more joy and life in a ‘yes’. Especially when absolutely nothing is at stake either way!

The opaqueness of a pre-verbal child is like a screen of smoke (smoke screen?) on which each parent projects shadowy images from their internal world. I can’t say I’ve always liked what I’ve seen (Which reminds me, I haven’t written my ‘Where did all this anger come from?’ post yet, have I?)…

On a lighter note, let me tell a brief, but amusing anecdote. I have a friend who I’m pretty sure claimed that his first utterance as a child was, ‘How do you get a pram into a Volkswagon?’ True story…I think. Actually, now that I look at it written down, the sheer improbability of it makes me doubt my memory. I should check with the source that I’ve got it right. Especially since I have been telling that story a lot over the years.

Now, where was I?…

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2 Responses to Mulder or Scully?

  1. Lulu says:

    Can’t wait for the ‘where did all this anger come from ‘post!

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