Tilly Earthwalker

Last night, Tilly decided that the risks of walking on hard surfaces were not actually as overwhelmingly great as she had imagined, and so decided to join the rest of us in the ranks of Homo Erectus*, and even though that makes it sound like she has become a Latin Gigolo, her walking style is actually more Don Zombie than Don Juan. But you can decide for yourself, as I have finally got around to embedding some footage of the little one, so you can put a face to the name. It’s me in the background, and the camera operation and vocal encouragement belong to Susie.

This video will have to count as the multimedia dimension of this post – in lieu of a song (Again!) – but I promise another cracker of an original composition in my next post.

Now I could go on here to discuss the mix of grief and joy that attend any milestone, even drawing some cheesy parallels between my allusion to the walking dead and the fact that walking can be seen as the final death of babyhood. Instead, I’m just going to let the video speak for itself (short pause for effect). On top of which, after the last few posts I really do need to demonstrate that I can keep things short.

*Yes, I know we are not actually Homo Erectus, but the current state of the world would suggest that we aren’t really sapient enough to justify our true anthropological title.

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2 Responses to Tilly Earthwalker

  1. Rohan Bodman says:

    nicely written Rod — wish I had more time to check your other work out properly. November maybe. This reminds me of Charles Fernyhough’s “The Baby in the Mirror: A Child’s World from Birth to Three” — you might be interested; not too hard to get through …
    — Rohan Bodman

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