Don’t fathers ever talk about their children?

About four months ago I started to write a blog post with the title above. I saved the little that I had written as a draft and then never came back to it. I noticed it today though, as I was doing some blog ‘housekeeping’ (ie checking out how many people are reading my blog) and it struck me as a good title to return to. Why? Because I have recently been wondering why it is that women with no children are commenting on my blog much more than men with children, given that it is a blog about fatherhood.

The question comes from my friend L., who wrote it in response to an article she had just read on parents who ‘overshare’ about their kids on Facebook and parenting forums. She noticed that all the examples given in the article were about mothers, not a single mention was made of fathers oversharing, or even sharing at all.

Check out article here

So what is it that fathers are doing that means they have no time to write Facebook updates about their children, participate in online parenting discussions, or read and comment on my blog? Well today I found the answer in a TED talk called ‘The Demise of Guys’ . It turns out they are busy feeding their ‘arousal addiction’ by watching porn on the internet – an average of 50 clips a day.

And here was I thinking that the problem was me, and that I just haven’t been able to write about topics that connected with other fathers. What a relief to know that it’s actually porn addiction that is to blame! Anyway, must get back to…

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7 Responses to Don’t fathers ever talk about their children?

  1. mrbolano says:

    Hi Rod, long time reader first time poster. Nuh, I lie. Hilly show me your blog ages ago but I’ve been too busy looking at…… ummmmm… the stock market? Anyways, you know I’m probably a statistical anomaly cause I digital document every moment of my girls life – I just let Hilly post the albums. I shoot the pics, she gets the parenting cred. And so she should. They didn’t get their gorgeous looks from me.

    Anyway, after reading your entry I became concerned I might be a dead beat facebook dad but on reviewing my photo albums and comments over the last month I’m re-assured that I talk about them clearly enough to give the impression they are the center of my life. Along with Norman and Hilly that is. And that I’m a nerd.

    Keep up the good work blogging Dad!

    • rodbie says:

      You must have been very relieved, at the end of all that research, to realise that you were the nerd you thought yourself to be rather than the deadbeat I made you fear you might be.

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting.


  2. veryspeedy says:


    You mean all this time I’ve been reflecting and writing about my children, reading your blog, occassionally commenting, when I could have been watching porn??!

  3. 50 clips a day? I found myself asking “How long are these clips?”, “Are they eating their lunch while they’re watching porn?” (because surely they’d have to be multi-tasking). And lastly, you had me pondering whether alpacas are sexy…Did I miss anything?

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