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A single instance of coarse language

Back when I lived in Sydney, I used to be in a band called Crispy Whippet (at one stage, we broke up and the re-formed as Mannheit Binliner, but somehow that name never caught on). We wrote and recorded a … Continue reading

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Susie and I had our first Tilly-free night last weekend. We left Tilly with Susie’s parents for twenty-four hours (count’em!). The intoxicating sense of freedom was incredible! I really couldn’t believe how good it was to spend just one day … Continue reading

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Salmon? Rusty!! (Slight return)

My friend G found this little clip of Kim Salmon solo. It appears to be from a Sydney Festival 2011 video art piece on the intimacy of live performance. This is a section of the first song he played the … Continue reading

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That’s my girl!

Yesterday, I met Susie and Tilly at the local park. They were there with a bunch of mothers and kids from our mothers’ group. While the other kids played on the play equipment, Tilly did her usual thing of investigating … Continue reading

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Salmon? Rusty!

My friends G, J and I all used to go to gigs, but since having kids this has proved more and more difficult. So a while ago we decided that we would take it in turns, once a month, to … Continue reading

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All watched over

(Disclaimer: Reading back over the post that follows, I realise that I should never take up quilting, because the patchwork you are about to read has way too many poorly concealed seams and loose threads. It is much too easy … Continue reading

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Just for the record…

I know I said in my last post that Tilly had reminded me of the joys of simple presence, of gorging on the superabundant sensual feast that is ‘the here and now’, but let me assure you that there are … Continue reading

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