A poem

I must admit that I have been struggling to blog over the last few months. I haven’t written much, and most of the little that I have written I haven’t posted. So I sat myself down this morning and talked myself through it, and in the end I (and I) decided that the solution was to lower the bar a little – not in terms of the quality of my posts (I have little, if any, control over that), but in terms of their length.

I am going to get back on the blogging horse by starting with Shetland Pony posts and working my way back up to the Clydesdale posts of yesteryear. So to begin with I will write…. a poem. After all, what could be more like the literary equivalent of a Shetland Pony than a poem (ie small, but a lot trickier to master than they seem).

Now I must admit (given I am making this up as I go along) that I haven’t even the faintest idea what my poem will be about, but I guess if I start with a title that will help. Now, what’s lying around the computer that can serve as a muse?

Little Green Plastic Fork (a poem)

she serves up Tilly yoghurt from your tines,                                                                                  pricks lips and gums with urgent need to feed.                                                                     ‘Open the mouth!’ she barks, if we wince or baulk,                                                                   our mirror                                                                                                                                   mini-monster of our making.

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2 Responses to A poem

  1. mrbolano says:

    I’m calling DOCS. Poetry? What next? Mime?

    • rodbie says:

      If you read between the lines, you will notice that I have already employed a range of mime sequences in previous posts. If have, for example, walked against the wind, a number of times.

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