This post is basically the liner notes to a track I knocked up this morning. Press play and read on…

…I’ve always been a maker up of ridiculous songs and chants, even before I was a parent. One of my favourites was one about the weather, which I made up while lying on the beach one day. The melody is similar to the melody for the Charleston, and the lyrics were:

‘It’s so rainy, in the rain. It’s so sunny, in the sun. It’s so windy, in the wind. That’s what the weather’s all about.’

Subsequent verses followed the same form, but featured different weather conditions (though for the purposes of scanning, only weather conditions with a two syllable adjective and one syllable noun).

Another of my favourites, that is close to two decades old but still on high rotation, is the culinary classic, All we wanna do is cook the chicken. The title of the song also constitutes the majority of the lyrical content, which is:

‘All we wanna do is cook the chicken. Cook, chicken, cook.’

The second line is delivered like ‘Rock the Casbah’, except with a pause instead of ‘the’, and another ‘Rock!’ at the end: an inspired if unhelpful explanation, I think.

Anyway, now that I am a parent, I have opened up the silly song faucet so far that the tap has come off in my hand. Every single day some new inanity is added to the canon, and today that inanity was Goldilocks (the track that you are currently ‘enjoying’). The basic vocal line came to me at about 8.30 this morning when Tilly and I were playing with her Goldilocks puzzle, which came with a Goldilocks story book she was given for Christmas.

Tilly enjoyed my chanted groove so much (I could tell by the fact that she didn’t tell me to stop), that I decided I should record it for posterity. For the purpose of staying in time and in tune (in case I wanted to use the sample later on), I laid down (that’s recording lingo) a bassline and simple drum pattern to ‘sing’ over. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I couldn’t stop (til I had enough), and by an hour or so later, this simple recording for posterity had become the dance floor monster that is currently assaulting your ears.

As chance would have it, two hours from original concept to final recording was also the modus operandi for ‘Crispy Whippet’ (aka Plate, aka Mannheit Binliner) a sound collective that I was lucky enough to belong to in the latter years of the last millenium. So (given that this track fulfils the one criterion of that MO) I want to dedicate Goldilocks to Peter B. (aka DJ Beans).

Word up!

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11 Responses to Goldirocks

  1. veryspeedy says:

    So much nostalgia, so many reference points (musical & otherwise) for me with this track. Kudos to you & DJ Beans.

  2. I think it could be possible to declare that all songs ever thunk up / written / recorded within two hours ARE Crispy Whippet songs. make a website, upload all the RB/PB material, then start adding other songs which fulfili the criteria, from the history of recorded music. credit them all as Crispy Whippet songs. you’ll be famouser in no time.

    ‘… papa bear baby bear mama bear …’

  3. DJ Beans (a musical fruit, of sorts) says:

    Right now I’d like to give a big shout out to MC Easy Stomach (or is that EZ – who can tell these days)!


    • rodbie says:

      And whatever happened to Stewed Fruit and the Munnster of the Mix?

    • DJ Beans says:

      I’d forgotten about Stewed Fruit (how could that be?) but I’m certain Mixmaster Munn is never far from the wheels of steel…

    • rodbie says:

      I was thinking of mentioning Mixmaster Munn, but thought that some readers might get the reference and think we’d been taking the piss, rather than celebrating the man’s love of doof.

  4. portia says:

    I thought you were singing “pumpin man baby man mambo man god he loves”

  5. Gordi says:

    Love the song! Sounds even more awesome with the harmony I’m singing over the top!

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