Daddy Pig or Representations of Fathers on TV (part II)

I missed House Husbands this week, so I can’t say whether it lifted its game or not. What I did discover, however, after I published my last post was a great website on Television Tropes (I can’t believe I haven’t come across it before) and I realised that a couple of links to the site would have made a better (and much more concise) post than my actually post.

Why? Because (at least where my post related to the representations of father’s on television) all I was really talking about was the relationship of the Bumbling Dad that you see in almost all sitcoms and dramedies these days to the Standard 50’s Father, the trope that dominated sitcoms and dramedies in the sixties and seventies. Read both links and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, you’ll be devastated to know that kid’s television has also given itself over to the Bumbling Dad trope. A prime example being Peppa Pig, a show about a little pig called Peppa and her family. I couldn’t find an episode on Youtube that really exemplified the way Daddy Pig is represented, but I have inserted an episode below to give you a little bit of an idea.

If you can’t be bothered watching the whole thing, then at least watch the opening credits, because the real reason for writing all of the above, and making you watch an episode of a kid’s show, is to create a context for what I really want to share with you, and that is Tilly’s first venture into the world of vocal stylings.

Tilly and I worked together for a good 15 minutes to create our own version of the Peppa Pig theme song, and I thought it should be shared.

I know, I know…she’s clearly a child prodigy.

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5 Responses to Daddy Pig or Representations of Fathers on TV (part II)

  1. Dani says:

    A prodigy indeed! I think Tilly may be almost ready to enter the world of child voice-over acting!

  2. dj beans says:

    15 minutes well spent (although personally I was wanting an ‘oink’ in there somewhere).

  3. mrbolano says:

    Best version of the Peppa Pig theme song EVER!

    I have a great foundness for Daddy Pig and not just because I’ve been ‘Daddy Pig’ ever since Holly was a wee child. He may be bumbling and inept but he has great heart and spirit and confidence in the face of absolute disaster. I think it’s unfair to lump him in with the same trope as House Husbands. Clearly, in Peppa Pig, somebody needs to play the part of comic relief and I’d rather see it be a loving father than something as hackneyed as a ‘disapproving overly serious cranky’ mum.

    He may not be the most competent father but he delivers where it counts – at least as far as where it counts for the little ones.


    And he does NOT have a big tummy!

    • rodbie says:

      You are, of course, absolutely correct in your gentle critique, Mr Bolano. I thought myself that I was drawing a pretty long bow in this post. One of my faults is the tendency to draw tenuous connections for effect, and in this instance my desire to link bumbling dads to Tilly’s rendition of the theme from Peppa Pig has resulted in exactly that. I hope that you (and all the other Daddy Pigs) can forgive me, and that my post won’t lead to any violent protests, or some kind of fatwa (no pun intended, I promise). I wouldn’t want to see a photo of Holly and Claudia holding up placards calling for the beheading of all those who insult the name of the Daddy Pig; though I have always had a secret desire to be burnt in effigy, don’t ask me why, so if you want to do that, that would be fine.

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