I know it’s been a while

My excuse for my long blog-o-pause is that our now-almost-6-month-old girl, Kitty, is sapping all my creative juices through her creative approach to sleeping. I’ll leave it there, because I hate either hearing or talking about baby sleep issues.

The one thing that I will say is that we went to sleep school last week, and I have been assured that this will make some kind of difference. So hopefully I will be back on deck again soon. For those who are interested, on her final sleep school report, she received a C+. She would have received a B- if, for the last multiple-choice question, she had chosen C) Narcolepsy instead of B) Narcotraficante.

In other news, Tilly told us the other day, from the back of the car, that ‘big girls and grown ups don’t like broken music’.

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