My long silence

I have two words for you, sickness and teething – both being issues that are inversely proportional to sleep, and in combination are inversely proportional to sleep to the power of two. For the pure mathematicians amongst us it looks like this:

Si+T= k/Sl™

As I write, I can hear the frequent waker in question stirring in the background after her thirty minute day sleep, and making her usual how-can-you-hate-me-when-I-can-make-supercute-squealing-sounds-like-this noises.

Now I apologise for writing this, because I for one refuse to read any parenting blog posts that feature any of the tags – sleep, teething or sickness – let alone all three, but I thought you deserved an explanation for the fact that I haven’t written anything for weeks, and I am too tired to make one up.

So there you have it….

…Sorry, I’ve got nothing else, and if I kept writing now (as the squealing turns to screaming) then what kind of a parenting blogger would I be?

Don’t answer that.


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One Response to My long silence

  1. Help Me Help Holly ♥ says:

    Great post! I laughed at the how-can-you-hate-me-when-I-can-make-supercute-squealing-sounds-like-this noises part – my baby has this down pat! And the butter-wouldn’t-melt-cheeky-chubby-grin. We are yet to hit the teething part (eek), although I think it may be just beginning as she has been cranky lately….oh joy

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