Sleeping Together

Faithful readers of this blog would know that part of Tilly’s bedtime ritual is that I ‘sit’. This means that after I have tucked her into bed, I sit in the comfy, red, Ikea chair in the corner of the room for a minute or two. For some reason it is in small window of time that I have many of my most intriguing and unexpected conversations with Tilly. Perhaps it is something to do with her being in what Roy and H.G. used to call ‘the half-dream room’ – her brain already making it’s way slowly into the land of sleepy time, and so starting to make more lateral, dreamlike connections.

Last night’s conversation, for example, went like this:

Tilly: Why do you and Mama sleep in the same bed?

Me: Because we like to.

Tilly: But why?

Me: Well, because people who are married or who really love each other like to sleep together in the same bed.

Tilly: Kitty and I are married, so can she sleep with me in my bed?

Me: Well, soon Kitty is going to share your room with you. Will that be nice?

Tilly: But can she sleep next to me in my bed?

Me: Your bed is a bit little to share with Kitty, but sometimes when we go on holidays you two might be able to sleep in a big bed together.

Tilly: Or I can sleep on the top bed and she can sleep on the bottom bed.

Me: Or that…

Tilly: …Keke is warm, can you put him in the freezer?*

Me: Sure, sweetheart.

* see here for more information about Keke and his need to be cold.

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