By way of apology

I’ve been out of the blogosphere for quite a while now.

I’ve written a few half posts during the last few months, but haven’t had enough puff to get over the finishing line with any of them.

So, as was the case with my last bout of bloggers block, I am going to start with ‘sprints’ and work my way up to the ‘marathons’ of old.

And so here, for your reading enjoyment, is the laziest kind of short post, the reported conversation, or in this case virtual mini-monologue, since I play no role in the conversation at all, aside from basic parental sounding board (it occurs to me that I haven’t a clue what a sounding board actually is) and asker of clarifying questions.

Tilly: Papa?

Me: Yes, sweet.

Tilly: At Kinder, Charlie chopped the head off nature.

Me: Really?

Tilly: Yes. We were playing and then he chopped the head off nature.

Me: Was it a tree or something?

Tilly: Lisa said that it isn’t the kind of thing that we do.

Me: Yes, that’s probably true.

Tilly: It was a little nature…

Me: A little nature?

Tilly: …maybe an ant.

Me: Oh, I see.

Tilly: I never chop the head off nature, do I Papa?

Me: I can’t say I’ve ever seen you chop the head off nature, no.

Tilly: That’s good, isn’t it… My mozzie bite is really bothering me, because it’s really slumpy.

Me: What does slumpy mean?

Tilly: Papa! Don’t be silly. You know what slumpy means. You say slumpy all the time.

Me: I’m a bit of a slumpy papa, aren’t I?

Tilly: What?


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2 Responses to By way of apology

  1. Danielle Williamson says:

    Lovely! It’s wonderful to capture (and share) these delightful conversations :) My descriptive repertoire is always expanded by Tilly’s new words. Slumpy-ness is most troublesome!

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