Odd Collocations

Check this post out for strict adherence to my new posting protocol. I possibly could have cut ‘Come on, Australia’ (see text for context), but aside from that, this one is as lean as a whippet.

A collocation is a pair or set of words that habitually go together. If you want to see some examples of common collocation then just typing any word into Google, and it will instantly offer you a bunch of the most common collocations with that word. For example, were you start typing in ‘scantily’, by the time you get to the ‘i’ it will offer you ‘clad’, since this collocation is pretty much the only use we have for scantily. Collocations are not just linguistic though, the word can also be applied to any things that go together.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because today I noticed, or more correctly I twigged to the fact that I have been noticing for quite a while, that – in the streets of Melbourne, at least – carwash collocates with palm tree.

So I’m putting out a call out. I want other examples of urban streetscape collocations that you have noticed – there have to be more out there. And the more arbitrary and nonsensical they are, the better.

Come on, Australia.

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6 Responses to Odd Collocations

  1. paris75009 says:

    Collocations in French are ‘share houses’. Colocataires: room-mates.

  2. andrewlorien says:

    airport : palm tree
    it always seems weird to me, as if all plane rides end in 1950’s hawaii

  3. joncallow says:

    CBD Novotels and stretch hummers.
    Public swimming pools and old bandaids on the bottom
    Parliament houses and moral vacuums

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