Stop it egg!

I have decided to begin the new year with a return to my blog, and, as has been the case after previous breaks from blogging, I am going to commence my blogging rehab nice and slowly. My plan is just to post small transcripts of conversations with one or other of my daughters (something that I have also used previously – with thanks to my friend CKP and the work of R.D.Laing for encouragement and inspiration).

And so, with no further ado, a small conversation about poo…

I done a poo.

I turn from the washing up

Have you done a poo, Kitty?


Would you like me to change your nappy?


Just a minute.

I turn back to the sink.

Stop it egg!

I turn again to see Kitty staring angrily at half a toy wooden egg sitting in the middle of her change mat on the floor.

Stop it egg!

Are you going to take the egg off your change mat, Kitty?


Kitty removes the offending egg and lies down on the change mat. I wipe my soapy hands, collect the nappy changing requisites and, kneeling down at her feet, open up a nappy that is distinctly free of any trace of poo.

There’s no poo, sweetheart.


At this point, my transcription of the conversation above was interrupted by Kitty entering the room with a tiny oven mitt on her hand. She walked up to me and pointed to her pink T-shirt with her mitt-free hand.

It yellow.

That’s a pink T-shirt, sweets.

It yellow!

Are you sure.

Yes… It yellow!


Seemingly satisfied with the transaction, she pulled off the oven mitt and placed it carefully next to the computer keyboard, and then turned and walked away, but just before she disappeared through the doorway she fired one more ‘It yellow!’ over her shoulder. Just to be sure.

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2 Responses to Stop it egg!

  1. Pippa says:

    Lol. Love it.

  2. Amber Forrest says:

    Good to hear your thoughts again. I hope you are all well. Amber

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