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Religious Education 2

A couple of years ago (back when I was quite prolific) I wrote a long piece on my painfully ambivalent attempts to introduce my girls (just Tilly at the time, really) to the Jesus person. I just re-read it, and … Continue reading

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Stop it egg!

I have decided to begin the new year with a return to my blog, and, as has been the case after previous breaks from blogging, I am going to commence my blogging rehab nice and slowly. My plan is just … Continue reading

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A question about fear and death

A couple of days ago, I read a post by my friend Paul about a motorbike accident he had recently. In the post he talks about his strong desire to ride again, despite the many reasons there are for him … Continue reading

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A polite child

I’ve always had an ambivalent relationship with politeness. As a teenager, three factors combined to create in me a contempt for it: pride, introversion and Christianity. Introverts are, I believe, at a temperamental disadvantage in the politeness stakes. Even when … Continue reading

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Kitty and Sylvia

A strange thing happened tonight. I was cooking, and Kitty (now 21 months old) brought out ‘Ariel’, a book of poems by Sylvia Plath, that she had found in the lounge room, in a box of packed up books (we … Continue reading

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I wish you a Shitty Easter

Last year, I wrote my version of the Christmas Story (I’ve pasted it at the bottom of this post if you’re curious). I wrote the story as a way of channelling the nausea generated in me by the gentle-Jesus-meek-and-mild-no-crying-he-makes representation of the story. For me, (and … Continue reading

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Warning: the following features a Russian Scuba instructor using language that is much stronger than he realises, so if you are offended by Russian Scuba instructors using unintentionally strong language then stop reading now! Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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